Zeus Role In Gaia's Success

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From the moment the essence of Gaia is introduced, immediately there’s an establishment of the influence she’ll have towards all of the creations following, including Zeus. “…wide-breasted Earth, always safe foundation of all immortals who possess the peaks of snowy Olympus,” (Theog. 117-118). That energy and force lingers behind every decision she makes or persuades others to make. That same authority is also mainly linked to Zeus, the son of Cronus and Rhea. (Theog. 478-479). Before Zeus is born, it foreshadows the power that Zeus would hold over fellow gods, especially his own father. “For he learned from Earth and starry Sky that it was fate that his own son would master him,” (Theog. 463-465). With that being said, the power that Zeus displays is all owed to the intelligence and cleverness of Gaia. Therefore, throughout Zeus’ actions, we see evidence that Zeus is always dependent…show more content…
Rhea and Cronus, his parents, have six children together. (Theog. 453-455) After Cronus’ learns that one of his sons will take his power away from him, (Theog. 479) He develops a plan in order to avoid that. “Great Cronus would swallow these, as each would come from the holy womb to his mother knees,” (Theog. 459-460). After he swallows five out of the six children, Rhea became irritated with Cronus’ actions, and dedicated to devise her own plan with the help of her parents. “…she begged her own dear parents, Earth and Starry Sky, to help her think of some wisdom, by which she might secretly have her son, and make great crooked-minded Cronus pay the Furies of her father and the children he swallowed,” (Theog. 469-473). As a result of Gaia’s quick-witted self, Zeus was born and Cronus swallowed a rock, perceiving it was his last son. (Theog. 485-486) If it wasn’t for Gaia, Zeus would’ve never had the opportunity to become the future lord (Theog. 493) he shaped

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