Zeus Symbols In Greek Mythology

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After freeing his brother and sisters from their Cronuses stomach. Zeus gathered all the younger gods at Mt. Olympus and wages war agianst the Titans. In the end, Zeus and his brothers dfeated Cronus and his fellow Titans. You may ask “Who and what is a Zeus?” Well Zeus is the rulker of the sky and one of the Olympian gods. He is the main god or king of Mt. Olypmus. He has a jumpy temper, so dont get on his bad side. Now i am going to talk about his symbols. One of his main symobols is the thunder bolt and his second symbol is the bull. In a story he was a in love with a woman named “Europia”. the bull symblol represents him beacuse of his anger and he was a cyntaur in this short story.He doesnt only go by the name Zeus, he has a few
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