Zeus: The Deepest Being In Greek Mythology

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The very thought of him makes Christians thank God for His righteousness. Despite being considered a god by the ancient Greeks, Zeus seems more akin to Hitler than anything else. Born of Kronos, who was the king of the gods at the time, Zeus’ first act is to overthrow his father and free his siblings from his belly. Also, when Typhon and Echidna make war on the gods, it is Zeus who overthrows them. In book 8 lines 20 through 31, Zeus claims he can lift all of the other gods and the earth and sea tied to a golden cable. Zeus is undoubtedly the strongest being in Greek mythology. However, it is difficult to think of anyone, fictional or nonfictional, who is more unfaithful to his or her spouse than Zeus is. In book 14, lines 381 to 391, Zeus

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