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Zeus is the god of the gods. The most powerful god, he controlls all the Olimpus and the mortal world.
In the mythology, they depict him as a very strong and muscular god, always with a very long and dense beard and also a very long hair

As the mythology says Zeus is the boss of the highlight and he throws thunders to the mortals world. The thunders are his weapons when he wants to punish some god that haven 't done anything or haven 't followed some rules.

His close family are Hades, the god of the hell and Poseidón, the oceans god, who are their brothers.

The majority of Zeus ' children were linked to him with the briefest of genealogical references. Most of these were the mythical founders of certain noble and royal houses, who
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The humans hunted a buffalo, but the gods stole the meat. So one night he stoles fight from the Olympus and gave it to the humans. Zeus punish him by sending him to the Caucasus and sending everyday an eagle to eat his leaving that regenerates everyday to suffer every single day!

Zeus wanted a woman in the Earth and went to heaven where it lives his brother Hades to create a woman that depicted as Athena with clay. Once with live, Zeus gave her all the values: pretty, clever, astute... And named her Pandora. Zeus gave him a box and sent her to the Earth. He married with Epimetheus, brother of Prometheus. Pandora has a lot of curiosity and she finally opened the box. All the bad spirits dominate the Earth and Pandora wont be happy ever.

Zeus clothes were a combination of king and a warrior, he wores sandals, some gold and silver jewelry such as bracelets and rings and also his robes were usually white or crimson red. He usually also was adormed with a crown of leaves, that were laurel.

For my presentation I 'll wear a white shirt with a tie that symbolises that Zeus was an important god. Instead of thunders I will have a baseball bat, that explained the power he has. And instead of a shield I will take a black briefcase that symbolises the political power nowadays.

I think ZEUS is the best god

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