Zeus's Role In Greek Mythology

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Throughout mythology, there are countless controversies that are seemingly unresolvable. Among the many controversies Zeus is involved in, one of the most controversial revolves around his love life. Although many argue that Zeus is a cold-blooded being, he obtains love from the various lovers, wives, and children he has. Zeus is the most powerful god in Greek mythology. He is recognized by the eagle, the oak tree, a royal sceptre, and the infamous thunder bolt. “He was called Jupiter by the Romans and he received that name because it was believed he had the same powers as the Roman god Jupiter (Larkin, Kingston, Zeus)!” He is recognized by the eagle, the oak tree, a royal sceptre, and the infamous thunder bolt. On Mt. Olympus, he is also in charge of changing the seasons and making the sun come and go, both of which were very important to the other gods, goddesses and Greeks. He is originally thought of as the god of the heavens, and is known as the only Greek god that was concerned with the universe. The Greeks associate Zeus with fairness. He is known give grave consequences for those who…show more content…
He does not seem to have any feelings except for anger. He has punished so many of the ones he loves. Wives, lovers, children, you name it, Zeus has punished it. If Zeus can love, then why does he punish? Frankly, love is very different for everyone, but the meaning of love is the same. Love is not marrying someone and then eating them. Love is not sleeping with someone and turning them into a bear. What kind of sick, wretched, person could even imagine harming someone they love. That is the point of love. The point in which people can never truly be hurt by someone they love. It is proven that Hera did not love Zeus the way that Zeus claims to love her. Hera hates every living cell inside Zeus. That proves that Zeus does not actually love Hera. The fact that Zeus did not care for, but persecuted Hera, shows that Zeus does not care. Zeus cannot
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