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We should celebrate the voyages of Zheng He because he overcame great odds in childhood, castrated by the Ming Dynasty, he traveled over 100,000 miles with very little technology, he managed a total of 37,500 men, managed a four hundred feet boat, he was a great leader to his soldiers, and created cultural diffusion in China. Zheng He overcame great odds in childhood was by in 1381, a ten year old boy named Ma He from Yunan Province in southern China watched his father died at the hands of the Ming Dynasty, and he was also taken into prisoner to serve the Emperor’s son, Prince Zhu Di. However before serving the emperor’s son was by being castrated and to join (forced) the thousands of eunuchs. Zheng He served the prince well and rose in the ranks of the…show more content…
However managing this large amount of group shows great amount of leadership and commitment. For instance, Zheng He showed his crew members what it meant to be a role model. Even though it was hard for Zheng He to manage this crew, he had bigger things to worry about. Being a role model for his crew meant setting an example so they could follow (Doc. B and C .) Zheng He created cultural diffusion in China. Zheng He helped spread the advanced Chinese culture and civilization to the outside world. He traveled across the oceans to help people in other lands improve their lives through religion, road building and well digging, and brought about great cultural impact to areas. (Doc. A.) In conclusion, Zheng He died of disease in 1433 during his last voyage. He was tossed overboard for fear of spread of disease but his empty tomb is outside of Nanjing. After his death, China turned towards isolation, they banned overseas travel and burned all the ships and records of Zheng He. After Zheng He 's death during, the whole treasure fleet was

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