Zhivago And The Red Army: Summary

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This passage is the observations and thoughts of Yuri Zhivago or the doctor while he was working in a military hospital with Lara Antipova and several other people. The hospital is presumably located in Moscow or the surrounding suburbs. In the passage Yuri observes several captured or arrested men being led to the train station most likely to be sent to a prison or some sort. They are being led by soldiers from the Red Army. This means that this takes place during the Russian Civil War. One of the captured or arrested men is a boy who is described as a high school boy. They boy has been wounded in the head. At some point the wound was bandaged but blood was still seeping through it. They boy did all he could to stop the bleeding but all he…show more content…
He is described to have a sunburnt, sweaty face. The boy is described to be very handsome and so handsome in fact that he evokes pity because he is so young to be a rebel much less injured in battle. It is also said that his two escorts feel bad for him and don’t act as strict as they should and they instead try to help him. The boy wears a cap on his head and it keeps on falling off. Every time it falls off the boy puts it back on and pulls it lower which negatively affects his dressed wound. The two Red Army men also help him with the cap. Next it is said that there was something symbolic in this and how that the doctor wanted to run out and help the boy and also say that salvation lays not in faithfulness to forms but instead liberation from them. This passage serves two purposes. It serves to show the horrors of the civil war and what it has done to the people and to criticize making image a priority over health. The passage shows the horrors of war in the boy. The boy is said to be high school boy. He is also said to be extremely handsome and so handsome that
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