Zhuhai Macao Bridge Case Study

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1.0.0 INTRODUTION The Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macao Bridge (HZMB) will be one of the longest cross-boundary seas crossing road infrastructure in the world providing a direct land transport connection between two shores of the Pearl River Delta, linking Hong Kong in the east to Macao and Zhuhai in the west. It is an essential transport construction project. This project is expected to cost US$10.6 billion (HK$83 billion). With its length; it would become one of the landmarks within the area. The longest bridge section will be 29.6 kilometers (18.4 mi) long and will…show more content…
This contract suggested an enhancement of connections by opening up new road links. Continuous expansion works have been done at the current crossings to meet the growing demand for passenger handling size. In order to provide long-term relief to the traffic congestion, numerous projects have been accepted and endorsed. The Hong Kong Government and the relevant China authorities have acknowledged the need to open new border crossings. At the third meeting of the China/Hong Kong Conference on the Co-ordination of Major Infrastructure Projects (the Conference) held on 20 September 2002, it was agreed that a joint study should be conducted on the transport connection between Hong Kong and Pearl River West. An important study was completed by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Hong Kong Government on the transport connection between Hong Kong and the western bank of the Pearl River Delta. The study points out that a bridge connecting Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macau will provide important macro socio-economic benefits for the Greater Pearl River Delta Region including Hong Kong. The study has considered three alignments

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