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“Vehicle To Vehicle Network Management using ZigBee” Ms. Bhoomi Gupta Senior Lecturer, Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology, GGSIPU, Delhi guptabhoomi@gmail.com Amit Goel Student, B.Tech (CSE) Maharaja Agrasen Institute Of Technology GGSIPU, Delhi amit_goel86@yahoo.com Dheryta Student, B.Tech (CSE) Maharaja Agrasen Institute Of Technology GGSIPU, Delhi dheryta@gmail.com ABSTRACT Currently implemented vehicular management systems are using RFID and other such type of technologies and thus suffer from various flaws, inefficiencies and disadvantages.[7] We hereby propose an application of ZigBee wireless protocol for vehicle to vehicle management in the applications like toll deduction, collision detection etc. We have studied principles of…show more content…
We hereby attempt to simulate a ZigBee network in which vehicles on the road will be reduced functional nodes, that will be communicating with the main ZigBee coordinator so that we are able to overcome missing and inadequately implemented features of the current system and enhance this newly proposed system with some features like automated toll deduction, vehicle to vehicle signaling, special signals to the drivers…show more content…
Several methods can be used to deter toll violators.Police patrols at toll gates can be highly effective, as being stopped by the police is quite memorable for the violator. A physical barrier, such as a gate arm, ensures that all vehicles passing through the toll booth have paid a toll. Violators are identified immediately, as the barrier will not permit the violator to proceed. However, barriers also force authorized customers, which are the vast majority of vehicles passing through, to slow to a near-stop at the toll gate, negating much of the speed and capacity benefits of electronic tolling. FUTURE WORK We suggest a system for vehicular management for toll deduction and other add on features in which ZigBee chip will be mounted on the customer’s vehicle who will have account maintained with the traffic authorities and toll bridges will be having ZigBee coordinators which will detect the vehicle when it comes to their proximity and deduct the toll amount and allow it to pass through the toll bridge. Also, vehicle to vehicle management like collision detection can be implemented using the same platform.[10]

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