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Grammy Award-winning musician Ziggy Marley is a very creative guy, a dedicated social activist and, as it turns out, a comic book lover. Marley, 42, made an appearance at WonderCon 2011 to promote "Marijuanaman," a comic book superhero that he created in association with Image Comics. "In Jamaica , I used to buy comic books all the time: Batman, Superman, Spider-Man," Marley said in a face-to-face interview at WonderCon 2011. "I have a strong imagination; what I think is not just limited to music. I 'm a scribbler-I like to scribble and draw stuff." Marley said he thought it would be a good idea to put a different light on the Cannabis plant, also known as hemp, by using a superhero that gets his abilities from it. "The plant, in itself, has…show more content…
Does anyone else find it a tad odd that marijuana will land ya in the pokey, but ya can drink 'til ya puke night after night. Hmmmm . . . . First off, I smoked marijuana than a tractor trailer could carry. They claim it harms your memory - well, I thought I heard that, but now I forget . . . . Which substance, alcohol or marijuana, is responsible for more Human misery? When peeps drink they get a tad rowdy, a little ballsy, a little too full of themselves, etc. They say and do things that but for the Jack Daniels, they would never do. Budweiser will swell a man 's impression of himself and damned fast too! How many persons have used the previous night 's alcohol misuse as the justification for sleeping with an otherwise undesirable partner? Cheating on your significant other? For saying the unwise thing? For acting like an ass? For abusing friends or family? Getting into a physical altercation that but for the booze, would have never happened? What about drinking & driving? Alcohol is responsible for what, 10,000 hiway related deaths per year? What percentage of serious accidents involve alcohol? Is it 20-25%? Maybe more? What about the drunk and mean SOB that beats his wife cause he 's tore up from the floor up? How many friends have killed another friend due to alcohol impairment? Brothers kill brothers when alcohol is involved. Happens all the time. So, do any of you know any pot heads? When I was sucking on a bong, I got mellow; the exact opposite of aggressive. Yeah, I was just wasted, and it was all good. I wanted to kill some Twinkies, maybe some pizza, but never another person. Stoned folks ain 't arguing with anyone. They are listening to Zeppelin and thinking to themselves "Whoa, I 'm stoned, Bro." Oh yeah, that 's a danger to the public. How many times have you observed a high dude hassling someone? NEVER! Stoned peeps just wanna chill, laff some, watch Beavis & Butthead, listen to some jams and
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