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Most everyone has dealt with a salesperson in their lifetime. When dealing with this salesperson, the consumer has either a good or a bad experience. It is important for sales professionals to understand the basics of how to interact with the public and how to adapt to different situations. The book, “Ziglar on Selling” by Zig Ziglar explains this subject in detail. Through real life examples, scenarios, and techniques Ziglar walks readers through how to be successful in an ever growing and rewarding, yet challenging career. By drawing from material discussed in Mrs. Wither’s class as well as from the book, I learned a great deal from reading Ziglar’s work. I found it reassuring that this book parallels with the topics discussed in class very…show more content…
He states that timid salespeople often do not close as many sales as they could, “Timid salespeople have skinny kids” (Ziglar, 1991, p. 177). He explores how to keep your confidence high yet in check, how to ask the right questions at the right time, and how to persuade the customer into saying “yes”. He also provides ways to overcome objections in a later chapter by providing methods to engage and inform the customer. The way Ziglar explained these topics aided me in gaining a better understanding of sales in ways that are not always talked about in a text book. To me this proves that not all subjects can be learned in a classroom, but rather can be obtained through actual experiences. I think Ziglar did a great job in sharing his observations and engraining them into the minds of new generations of salespeople. This book did help me to better understand the world of selling. Selling to people is an art, and must be done with calculation. Everyone salesperson must deal with the public and this book gave me significant insight on how to better handle situations that will be thrown my way. By pairing the material in the novel as well as material we learned in class, I know how to propose my product to people and what strategies to use to make my sales pitch. With my future career fast approaching, I feel more prepared for what lies

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