Zika Destroying America Summary

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In the article Zika can damage the brains of even adults, by Megan Rosen she sheds her knowledge of how the disease can potentially cause more harm. The Zika epidemic has been rampaging America by mosquito vectors and is very dangerous to women. It is known to cause birth defects in the wombs of pregnant women that cause birth defects and intellectual impairments. Through new discovery though research, scientist believe the Zika virus can also kill stem cells. They also think that by killing stem cells it could also limit their number in adult brains. This notion came to the surface by using mice as test subjects that revealed the lost of stem cells once getting the virus. In adult’s who have Zika signs include: headache, fever, rash and mild flu-like symptoms. The main reason for all the worry that is expounded is if the virus lodges in the brain of a fetus it would be disastrous. It causes babies to have small heads also called microcephaly that hinders learning ability. Not to mention stem cells are put to risk as a new study shows. Stem cells are often called blank slate cell since it can rise to other types of cells in the body that are needed. The big concern is if Zika attacks the brain of adults or infants it might kill nerve cells and stem cells that are very important.…show more content…
It can warn and advise people of the potential hazards that Zika can cause. This will overall help researchers to maybe find a cure for the Zika virus. Also by better understanding the virus and what it can do are crucial to know what to expect from such a strange

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