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In conclusion, Zika virus is a mosquito transmitted infection that originated from Africa. Discovered in Zika Forest near Lake Victoria in Uganda, Africa almost seventy years ago on April 18, 1947 on a rhesus monkey, Rhesus 766. It is discovered in the Rockefeller Foundation Program because of the research about the jungle yellow fever. By then, they brought Rhesus 766 where they examine the febrile monkey and pass sample of serum from the rhesus to mice where they found out after 10 days that the mice that have been inoculated were sick, and a filterable and transmissible agent was found naming it the Zika Virus (ZIKV). In early 1948, ZIKV was also isolated from Aedes Africanus mosquitos trapped in the same forest. Serological studies indicated that men can also be infecte, it is the first indication that it can be a threat to mankind. Transmission of Zika virus through artificially fed agent, the Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes to mice and monkey in a laboratory was reported as early as 1956. Ades Aegypti, unlike Aedes Africanus is widely present on lands where humans are present. It is considered as one of the most widely spread kind of mosquito. The Aedes genus of mosquito were first found on tropical and subtropical zones, but now it is also found on almost every continent except Antarctica.…show more content…
He said that it began with a mild headache. On the day after, a malcupapular rash covered his neck, his trunk, his upper arms and face, and it spread to his soles and palms. Malaise, transient fever and back pain also developed. By the evening of the second day of the illness, he was not febrile, he felt better and also the rashes are fading. The next day after that, he felt well anf he only had therash, which also disappeared over the next two days. The zika virus was isolated from the serum collected while he was

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