Zika Virus

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Zika virus causes illness in humans, the virus is spread by infected mosquitoes. The virus is closely related to viruses that cause dengue, yellow fever and West Nile disease. It was first found in monkeys in 1947 in Uganda. It was then later on discovered in humans in 1952. The virus is recorded in Africa, America, Asia and the Pacific (“Zika Virus”). The virus has a huge effect on unborn babies in the affected areas (“Through Mosquito Bites”). Canada should help fight the Zika Virus because it will help decrease infections during pregnancy and help reduce number of transmissions. Also, help support the poor and developing countries with the virus because Canada can afford to do so.
To begin, Canada should help fight the Zika Virus because
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Zika virus can be transmitted through mosquito bites. The virus is transmitted through the bite of an infected Aedes species mosquito, they prefer to bite people and they are aggressive daytime biters. The mosquitoes become infected when they feed on a person who is already infected with the virus (“Transmission and Risks”). There are many countries and continents which have the Zika Virus. Mexico, South America, India, the Philippines and about 70% of Africa has the virus (“World Map of Areas with Risk of Zika”). Since third world countries have poor hygiene, cleanliness is not maintained properly. For example, after heavy rainfall, formation of puddles are quite likely. Due to poor hygiene, mosquitoes can breed and multiply faster increasing the number of diseases. There are several alternatives to prevent mosquito bites such as mosquito nets and mosquito repellents. However, majority of the people in poor countries cannot afford to buy mosquito nets and mosquito repellents. Therefore, this increases the chance of being exposed to mosquito bites. Canada is a clean country because it has high hygiene. If Canada is able to help, then the countries will be able to stay clean, keeping the diseases at a low number. Zika can also be transmitted through sex. Zika virus can be passed through sex from a person who has zika to his or her partner. The virus is passed through sex…show more content…
Zika exists in many poor regions. The lack of public health infrastructure allows illnesses to spread quickly in a poor region or place. The mosquitoes thrive in areas such as Brazil’s sprawling favelas, the abundance of stagnant water, the poor sanitation and the high population density (Kruskal). Such outbreaks occur because the government does not have enough financial support to promote sanitation. The lack of hygiene leads to disease being spread to more poor regions or places. Canada has enough money to keep all regions and places in Canada secure from diseases and allowing the diseases spread. If Canada supports the poor countries and regions with the Zika financially, then the countries will be able to have high hygiene with very less diseases. Canada has more than enough money to help the affected countries. Canada has about 5.8 billion dollars in International Assistance Spending. The International Assistance Spending equates to around 163 dollars per Canadians. Canada has helped Ukraine in 2015 with assistance of 511 million dollars (“Foreign Aid Portal”). Canada has 5.8 billion dollars in assistance. Canada should help the countries with the virus because Canada has more than enough money. They should focus on assisting other countries because they are in need and Canada should not waste money on something that is not really needed or

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