Zimbardo Relationship Between Good And Evil

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According to the lecture, the Philip Zimbardo says that people believe in the world which just have two types of people “EVIL” and “GOOD”. However, it just depend on the situation. Philip shows different examples to explain that evil can reclaimed, and good can become bad. People become evil since they affected by the environment, negative situation, and social life. On the other hand, Philip says that when people are at the right time to do the right thing, they will become a good or right person. For example, one of the days, a white man got car accident, and people around the car which did not decide to help that white people. At that time, the black people came out and tried to help that white people which got out the car. Since the black did the right thing, white started to change their mind about black people which black people are not bad.…show more content…
If parents do not have enough education and communication skills, childer will have more opportunity to become an evil. Since parents do not have enough communicate skill, child will not get ready for social and school. It causes child to think that in the world no people understand them, so they will use violence or force to lead people looking at them and get attracting from their parents or social. After that, they will think become an evil which just get concentrate from other people. It is not mean that they are doing bad things and affecting other people
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