Zimbardo The Lucifer Effect Analysis

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I look up to Colbert in his comedic standing and his amazing performances he gives. Zimbardo starts off the interview by giving Colbert a Lucifer T-shirt; which I thought to be pretty symbolic in of itself. Because during the interview, and as the discussion progressed Colbert took on this kind of “devil 's advocate” attitude towards Zimbardo. Cracking jokes and claiming that the title of the book turns the argument on its head. I found it quite hilarious and quite entertaining. But I also felt as though Zimbardo got so caught up in trying explain his title of the book, because of Colbert, that he was not able to fully explain what he meant by the “Lucifer Effect”. Also, because of the time stipulations, and after this back and forth between the two, Zimbardo had no time to talk about any of the other experiments in this interview. What Zimbardo was able to talk about during his time on the show was about the Prison Experiment. Zimbardo states that in less than 5 days they had to end the experiment because the…show more content…
It was as if Colbert planned his attack from the start and planned on undermining the title of the book before entering the interview. One reason I have to believe this is how Colbert reacted when Zimbardo gave him the T-shirt. Instead of thanking Zimbardo for the gracious and really quite thoughtful gift, he quickly tosses it to the floor and begins picking apart his theory. But this is who Colbert is, he challenges his guests in ways they probably aren’t use to being challenged. I still enjoyed the interview and took it in a light-hearted manner, but I feel as though it would have been a much more informative and meaningful interview if Zimbardo was given ample time and equal opportunity to explain his title and the conclusions from his
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