Zimmerman Telegram Essay

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What was the effect of the Zimmerman Telegram on American public opinion on the war? 696-697
The Zimmerman Telegram made it clear to the United States that Germany was preparing for the United States to join the war. Germany made a bold move by trying to form an alliance with Mexico as a way of weakening the US once they enter the war, but Mexico declined Germany’s offer. At that point in time, entering the war was inevitable.

What were the 14 points? On what point was Wilson absolutely unwilling to compromise on? 698
On January 8, 1918, President Wilson presented his fourteen points about the peace and aftermath of the war. He wanted the treaty to be “absolutely open,” and strived for the “self-determination” of nations. Wilson was unwilling
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He rejected ration cards and used media to spread a propaganda campaign. To save food for exports, wheatless Wednesdays and meatless Tuesdays were created. In doing so, “victory gardens” were formed, the country had a surplus of food.
The Fuel Administration - The Fuel Administrations imitated Hoover’s method with “heartless Mondays,” “lightless nights,” and “gasless Sundays.” These methods were used to save fuel for the war effort.

How did British and French goals concerning a defeated germany differ from Wilson’s? 713-714
Britain and France wanted Germany to take full responsibility for causing the outbreak of the war and to pay reprimands with interest and with natural resources. In contrast, Wilson’s wanted to help Germany recover from the war without any kind of brutal punishment.

Why was the Treaty of Versailles ultimately voted down by the United States Senate? 713-714
Because the Senate was majority ruled by Republicans, they were not easily persuaded to vote for the Treaty with Wilson’s terms. A group of Republicans in the Senate called the Reservationist agreed to the Treaty if multiple terms had been modified, including removing the United States from the League of Nations. They would not approve the League of Nations in its existing imperfect
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