Zinc Informative Speech

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I 'm here to tell you about an element. It 's an element called zinc and can be found on the periodic table if you want to look it up. It was discovered in 1746 in Germany by a man named Andreas Marggraf. There is evidence that it was used back in ancient time to make brass weapons, armor, and shields.

This atom contains 30 protons and 30 electrons. It can be found in the 4th period and has 4 energy levels. In the first energy level there are 2 electrons. In the second there are 8 electrons. In the third, there are 18 electrons and in the fourth level, also known as the Valence shell has 2 valence electrons. The atomic mass is about 65 amu.

There are about 10 Isotopes known to us and half of them are stable. This element is a

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