Zinc Research Paper

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Zinc was discovered in 1746 by Andreas Marggraf. Zinc makes up about .0075% of earth crust. Zinc comes from the german word “zink”
Zinc is in element with symbol Zn. the atomic number for zinc is 30. This element is a transition metal in group 12. Zinc is a family of cadmium (Cd), mercury (Hg), and copernicium (Cn), even though they are found in same row and they have things in common they also have different properties. Zinc’s mass is 65. some of the colors are bluish-silver, white, and bluish-green
Zinc has many use. Zinc is used for metal coating rust protection, nickel , steel iron and many other things.The zinc layer helps the metal from rusting. Zinc,copper and iron is combined to make nickel.
Zinc is found throughout our body cells.

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