Zinn Chapter 20 Analysis

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After reading chapter 7 of Zinn’s book, I began to realize that a good president really does matter. Take Andrew Jackson for example, he was a president who passed the “Indian Removal Act of 1830,” driving the Native American southeast of the United States. This caused the death of thousands of Indians, commonly known as the Trail of Tears. He was also an arrogant person who can’t keep his promises with the Creeks, burning down their village, killing men, women and children. He was also a slave trader. All that Jackson did makes me wonder if he to be on our 20 dollar bill. Therefore I Google “Andrew Jackson 20 Bill?” I came across a site “Harriet Tubman To Replace President Andrew Jackson On The $20 Bill.” It was stated that Harriet Tubman…show more content…
After reading this line it makes me feel terrible for the Native American, which is why I thought it worth sharing. The Indians already question why we celebrate Columbus Day and not they go on the question why we celebrate the Forth of July. After Googling “Declaration of Independence Native American”, I found plenty of links regarding the damaging words. One link that really captures me was a blogger named Mark who dines at a Native American restaurant and seeing the declaration hung on the wall and one of the servers pointed out the lines to him. Mark also mentioned it is sad to see less than 3% of Americans knew about the story and the tragic impact of the Native
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