Zinn's Pursuit Of Slavery

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A. Thesis Statement: During the period of the 1800s, Zinn proposes that our authorities bared with the idea of keeping slavery in tact due to its advantages until the point were it began to be abolished by a man known as Abraham Lincoln due to the rights of equality and freedom. Although Zinn makes it clear as to believing that slavery may not be abolished so simply as by pen to paper.
B. Evidence used:
1. One point that Zinn proposed was fighting the reality of believing that in order to live in a society of peace with equality amongst the nation, a big occurrence or event must take place in order to go past the idea of slavery, I believe it proves that at that point our nation was under remarkable stance where they relied on the fact that slavery wasn’t going to be abolished without
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The last point that Zinn discussed was about rebellions, as to the reason that if the slaves continued forcefully beheading the whites with rebellions it might have progressed into a strong group development amongst the slaves progressively growing stronger than the whites until they defeat them, I believe his point might have processed by time as the population of slaves was increasing it wold have led slaves to become furious of the self control the whites had over them, and plan a group rebellion against them. C. Important sources and analysis: 1. a) The thirteenth Amendment, Abraham Lincoln, Article of constitution b) Zinn choses this source to prove his point of equality and freedom amongst all human beings weather black or white due to their rights of freedom, where a brave soul chose to stand for what he believed in for the people of his country c) Another source I would like to view is an article of white people (authorities) who disagreed with the banishment of slavery act to view there reasons as to why blacks should continue to be part of acts of cruelty
2. a)Fugitive Slave Act, passed by United states Congress, Federal
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