Zip Bags Case Study

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MARKETING IN THE USA (Assignment #3)

No. 1). Since the zip bags are nice looking and loved by mostly the young generation, my primary target market would be people aged between 20 and 35 years in the USA. People between 20 years and 35 years are most likely to buy new-fashioned bags to accompany their new outfit of the clothes they like and this age group easily spend money on dressing and designing. Those people aged 20-35 have become the main handbag buyers in the USA. This group is most likely to purchase a new item because of a special occasion, and they are less driven by price. A new fashion trend is a key purchasing incentive for under 35s, who are the most likely to have bought handbags in the last 12
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2). When given a choice, customers loyalty, they are loyal to the zip Bags as their strength. Instead of targeting all customers, zip bag works only needs to target new customers in order to grow their business because they are already famous in the US market as young generation is in need of the product. Also the Uniqueness of the product is part of their product strength because most of the bags that are sold in the US are much different from the zip bags. This one can be unmade however big it might be and kept into another bag and carried along with. Another strength is the cost advantage because the production of the bags is not so high since they are made out of the local materials but finished goods are priced…show more content…
Like other aspects of dress, the image conveyed by different handbags manifests social divisions, and dimensions of class, gender, and age. Expensive designer handbags, for instance, signify wealth and status, whilst getting caught with a ‘fake’ can disrupt the authenticity of performance. With all that in mind, I will create high quality bags but expensive because this is one of the ways that people can look at it as a brand of a high class. Desire for my bags will be created out of the interest that people already have and I will also create a room where I can design bags of different shapes and sizes depending on the needs of my customers. If all that is done I will make sure that I create a good show room or display where people can easily see and try to fit the bag with their dress designs which will motivate them to buy thus creating more

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