Zitkala-Sa Analysis

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Zitkala-Sa describes her relationship with her mother as a loyal, strong, and thoughtful. She described her mother as often unhappy and quiet. The fact of appreciating her mother was clearly described when Zitkala-Sa pleaded to tell her the purpose behind her tears. Zitkala-sa 's appreciation and respect for her mother are seems when she explains how; she would head to the river everyday with her mother to get water, growing up she will always do it for her no matter where she was. Sooner or later, Ziktala-Sa knew the reason and why her mother would be depressed; the white man are paleface evils. they have unkindly deceived them and stole their territory; they enforced them to travel in place they have never been in a harshly environments which…show more content…
When Zatkila-Sa brother came back home from the three years schooling in the east and told his mother that the white man is also interested in taking his sister Zitkala-Sa as well. She was curious and show interest in leaving the tribe excited to see the eastern land as her friends will also be going home with the Americans. However, her mother wasn’t pleased and requests her not to leave but later authorized her daughter to go no matter how much they hated the white man. Her mother knew that one day her daughter will need an education to be able to settle in a new land. but was also afraid she might lose her if she didn’t let her go. Zitkala-Sa mother let her make her own decision this is an important piece of a mother and daughter relationship. Zitkala-Sa 's mother has taught her so much not to be involved in a place that she doesn’t belong. By letting Zitkala-Sa to make her personal decision, her mother is not interfering or controlled in her daughter 's life. The poor little girl, was looking for a bright future and a better life. however, she didn 't know exactly the hidden reasons behind the white man schooling. Later, she was disappointed because she left her culture and family behind. She looked up to her mother and that family was always a big part of their everyday
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