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Friendship is important because it is how we interact and express our love with others everyday. It is one of the best things to have because it makes us content. A story that shows that importance is “Zlateh the goat” by Isaac Bashevis Singer. It is about a young boy that has to set off with his goat along the way, they get caught in a blizzard and that’s where they formed a story bond. “Zlateh the goat” expresses all of the following elements family, survival, and friendship all in one story that couldn’t make it more perfect. Family is the most important possession in your life, family is always going to be in your heart and you know that you can go to them whenever you have problems or you need support. Zlateh’s family expresses…show more content…
Dogs are smarter than humans it can be true of their K-9 and survival skills. Friendship is important because it is how we communicate and express our love with others. It is one of the best things to have because it makes us feel jovial. It makes us feel jovial because you know that someone has your back. The event that expresses that friendship and love is when Aaron and Zlateh bonded in the haystack that triggered Aaron’s memory to not sell Zlateh to the Butcher. Without each other they would have died. Aaron’s quick thinking skills and Zlateh’s loyalty and trustiness form a super team or special friendship. The friendship between my sister reminds me of Aaron and Zlateh’s because I know we will be best friends forever and that love will never end. Friendship is one of the key possessions in life. Not only is friendship person to person but person to animal. In the short story of “Zlateh the goat” my favorite part was when Aaron and Zlateh were in the haystack because this shows that animals and humans can be best friends and that endless love can never be broken. Aaron would have never sold Zlateh not even for a million

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