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10) Charity kidnappers Workers at French charity Zoé 's Ark were imprisoned and fined for the attempted kidnap of more than 100 children - all in the name of charity. Aiming to re-home children who had become orphaned in the Darfur war, Zoé 's Ark organized for hundreds of French families to pay the charity up to $6500, in order to adopt a war torn child. However, the charity workers were arrested before their plane full of children could leave for France. Investigations discovered that the majority of the children who Zoé 's Ark had sourced were not in fact orphans, nor were they from the conflict region. They had actually been taken from their parents by the charity under false pretenses. 9) Kenya clothes donations The Kenyan…show more content…
The UN peacekeepers had contracted the disease from an earlier mission in Nepal, and the epidemic was caused when a sanitation system at their base leaked contaminated fecal matter into a Haitian river. Due to the devastation of the earthquake, and Haiti’s poor plumbing facilities, the disease quickly spread, infecting more than half a million people. The epidemic caused reconstruction efforts in Haiti to halt and resulted in distrust toward the UN, who refused to compensate the victims. 7) Children in Need The Children in Need charity, which is run by the BBC, funded the propaganda activities of the suicide bombers who killed 52 Londoners in the 2005 terror attacks. Between 1999 and 2002, the charity donated $40,000 to an Islamic school and bookshop, which were used as fronts to recruit and train homegrown terrorists. The extremist bookshop was run by the future suicide bombers Mohammad Sidique [si-deek] Khan and Shehzad Tanweer. They used it as a base to show terrorist propaganda films and radicalize young Muslim men. 6) Somalian…show more content…
Tens of thousands died from malaria, starvation, and mass murder by the military. 2) Genocidal aid In the aftermath of the 1994 Rwandan genocide, the work of humanitarian aid workers prolonged the ethnic cleansing of the Tutsi [toot-see] people, by providing protection to the Hutu [hoo-too] killers. When a military campaign eventually ended the genocide, 2 million Hutus - including those that committed genocide - fled across the Rwandan border into the neighboring country, then known as Zaire. Huge refugee camps were assembled in Zaire, which quickly became militarized by Hutu extremists. The Hutus commenced a second campaign of ethnic extermination, which led to another outbreak of war and the death of tens of thousands of refugees. 1) Afghan bombs A boy in Afghanistan had his head blown off after mistaking a cluster bomb for an emergency food parcel. When the US air force began bombing Afghanistan in October 2001, they also dropped thousands of emergency food parcels for civilians. However, the bombs and food parcels were similar in size and both wrapped in yellow plastic, making them almost indistinguishable. Children picked up the brightly colored bombs, mistaking them for the humanitarian aid

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