Zodiac Aerospace Case Study

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Zodiac Aerospace intends to conduct a strong social policy based on integration through employment, respect for equality of opportunity, combating discrimination and promoting diversity. This mainly reflects the principles and values of the company. Zodiac Aerospace group operates in relation to its employees, clients and partners as an organization free of any form of discrimination.

Stakeholder analysis of the company

Zodiac Aerospace follows two main guiding principles in analyzing stakeholders:

• Recognizing the responsibility of members of the Supervisory Board towards the Group’s shareholders
• Increasing the group’s footprint on its global environment and consideration for all parties involved.

The main stakeholders of the group are:

1. Customers: Zodiac Aerospace considers customers as its top stakeholders in devising corporate social responsibility strategies. This includes airline companies. The main interest of customers is to have effective and efficient and safe equipment. The company has various environmental programs for recycling and responsible sourcing of products to address the demand of customers in order to gain business sustainability. Zodiac Aerospace has been successful in its efforts to satisfy the interests of customers as they are considered
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Zodiac Aerospace has adapted a proactive form of Corporate Social Responsibility. The company has established the various factors that contribute to the success of the business. The organization has the knowledge skills and resources to put things in perspective and act quicker. Knowledge about the internal operations and how these operations impact profitability and market position enables Zodiac Aerospace to respond to changing circumstances while still focusing on and attaining their business

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