Zoharit Do Now Analysis

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Zoharit wrote a Do Now as soon as she walked in the class. She wrote a long sentence on the board and asked the students to write questions that the answers for them are in the sentence. Some of the students were late or had difficulty writing, so Zoharit gave a short explanation about Wh questions and wrote different Wh question words on the board before the students started writing. The Do Now is a great way to get students into “studying” mode and it also gives the teacher time to check attendance. Zoharit also writes on the corner of the board the names of students that finish first, for extra motivation. When most students are done Zoharit checks their answers and adds questions on the board with the help of students.
Zoharit writes an additional sentence on board and asks the students to write 3 questions that their answers can be found in the sentence (beginning with when, where and how many). The students are quite while working since doing the same type
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It wasn’t very effective, because while she was out of class three other students took out their phones.
When the students finish writing questions for the last sentence and Zoharit writes the answers on the board, she told students they will do an oral activity since they have written the entire lesson She wrote the question: Why didn’t you go to school? On the board and the students had to give her different answers. After a few students answered her she wrote another question so all students got a chance to participate. Zoharit finished the lesson by asking students to write two or three sentences about themselves that contain answers to at least 3 Wh questions.
Overall the lesson was successful and managed to reach its goal of practicing writing and answering Wh questions. Zoharit managed to involve all students in the lesson and made sure each of them understood the topic and made
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