Zomato Case Study

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Creativity at zomato


The belief at zomato was always that the best way to build relationships is by talking passionately about your own brand. and RaO felt that could be best done by their own staff.
They wanted to build relationships with media over time and changing PR agencies takes away that contact.
The marketing efforts needs to be done internally for building that friendly approach.
Another advantage of this approach was that it was a cheaper alternative .

But as the marketing was inhouse ,a need was felt for the media opinion too. In order to counter that zomato build a social media community

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Explains rao :"we could have done it in july but many people were on holidays , so we decided to wait till september .we wanted to reach the greatest number of hungry commuters ..the timing was crucial."

It was this attention to small details which has made zomato a success..


Behavioural targeting was thge method adopted by zomato to spread its message out .The primary focus was on food bloggers and online food communities as these were the ones who would most benefit from this product and the ones who were most likely to use it.
Also targeted were people whose online behaviour showed and interest in e-commerce in addition to food websites.Food websites ensured relevance whereas e -commerce sites ensured people who had a disposable income and who could afford eating out


A lot of debating was done over the message zomato wanted to convey in their advertising
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Posts are limited to only 5-7 per week

Zomato Grades restaurants on criteria such as upkeep of the premises, process control, hygiene, sanitation, and cleanliness, among other aspects.
It covers everything from daily dinners to Romantic Dining, Late Nighters, Breakfast Places, and Pet-Friendly Restaurants
Zomato also provides details regarding WiFi, A/c, Live Music .
It is these filters with attention to minute details which makes zomato what it is today.

Zomato has shown a lot of creativity not just in the greater scheme of things but in the minute details as well and this is one of the major reasons for their success.
What we see today as zomato is a result of loads of hardwork and innovative thinking by the people behind it .Zomato is still in the growth stage but is sure to be one of the leading brands of food directory website for years to come .If everything goes well ,zomato's will be a success story and will act as a classic case of
Creativity working wonders.

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