Zombie Apocalypse Interview Summary

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Interview Summary

How Would One Map the Outbreak?

During a zombie apocalypse, a map of the outbreak, where you are, or places you want to go would be useful. For each outbreak, building maps would help to answer questions such as: Where are tools to fight against the zombies found? Where do the outbreaks start? Where are places safe? Where are they unsafe? One might also put maps in places that people could find them, showing some places for others to get away from the zombies. Creating maps of safe places, natural resources, and tools would play an important part in survival. It could be the difference between saving your life and dying.

What Skills Would Someone Use?

The skills one would use would play an important part in an emergency. Using skills to develop plans, maps, and strategies would be a wise idea during an apocalypse. One would want to find safe spots, supplies, and evacuation routes to lead to protection. On the first few days of that outbreak, finding food, a place to stay, and protection would be a main priority. Playing it safe would also be important, because you would not want to risk anything that could get you hurt or killed by a zombie during the outbreak.. After this (depending on where the outbreak goes and how it continues to spread) moving to a new spot and finding tools would be more priorities to consider.
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The tools being used in a zombie apocalypse would range from many different aspects. Some tools would include: GIS, maps, drawings, scales, Microsoft Office tools, and different types of software. Some of the more important tools would probably be GIS’s, maps, and software. GIS’s map geographical information and become very useful in mapping things that can help someone positively in an apocalypse. Software would also be a useful tool because it can be used for many different things, such as collecting and analyzing data, and making tools to help one survive.

How Would Geography be Used in an
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