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I was 23 and the year was 2020 and the zombie apocalypse just started. How did it start you ask? I’ll get to that later but my base was attacked by zombies and other survivors and I was the only one who survived. I helped stop the zombie apocalypse by creating a vaccine. I learned that day that I was very important to the world. It started by people taking a certain drug from each country. The drug was called Blue Nevada and it was ruled illegal in the 1900’s but that didn’t stop people from producing, buying, and using it. One person took the drug from each country and they ended up biting other people in the city they lived in. I had a near death encounter with a zombie when it first started. He just came flying through my window. I was watching T.V. and next thing I hear my window being shattered. I had to grab my gun out of my table stand and shoot it in the head. I had fled out of the city but barley. I went into the woods to find a spot to set up camp and or built a base. I found a perfect spot on the top of a mountain, where it looked like a logging crew clear cut a portion of the top so I had a space to build a base. I had to build the foundation first, then the walls and lastly the roof. It was really good for how long it took which was only 1 hour and 30…show more content…
Every day I ran out and I got supplies for the vaccine. One day I was doing some testing and I went and got lunch to wait for the results/effects that it had. I walked downstairs to my lab to look at the results and I dropped everything that I had to go and look at him. It was one of my best buddies that I had kept for a while and he was starting to turn back to normal. I now had enough of the vaccine to deliver it to each country by plane. I was going to name it white snow. It took a little bit for it to have effect but after a while life went back to

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