Zombie Apocalypse Research Paper

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The best way to survive a zombie apocalypse during St. Labre hours is to try to get everyone in the school to the dorms. While everyone gets to the dorms the buses should be pulling up so, we could all load up on the buses to get to a safer place. If not stay in the dorms together and lock all the doors to be safe. We could all sleep in the dorms and cover all the doors and windows so, no one outside could see us. To watch the news we could watch T.V. so we could be ready for anything. All the teachers get weapons to protect the students. Once, everyone gets to the dorms we could lock up everything and cover the windows and doors with tables or boards. The dorms would be the best place to go because there’s food, bedding, and technology. The cafeteria workers could cook in the kitchen to make us meals. The dorms would be a safe place because it’s built like a prison and the building will help a lot…show more content…
A safe place to go is the mountains there would be barely anyone out there but before we leave to the mountains the adults could go into the police station and get guns, flashlights, radios, and batteries. They could also, get vests and suits to protect them from getting bite. After, head up to the mountains and find a nice quiet spot to set up camp. That will be the best way to survive a zombie apocalypse at St. Labre. The best way to go will be the dorms because there is more things to use as weapons and a place to sleep and eat. When the dorms don’t seem safe enough to stay at everyone should load up on the bus and get to a safer place like the mountains where barely anyone’s at. The mountains are safe because the mountains are out of town and not that many people go out into the mountains that
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