Zombie Apocalypse Survivors

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Survivors Through the years people have prepared for the much dreaded day the zombie apocalypse would begin. The zombie apocalypse taking place seems impossible in scientists eyes, yet some scientist can not dedicate their self to their opinion. Some scientist , for example, have sent out opinions on how to survive the zombie apocalypse. The Centers for Disease Control has also appointed ways to prepare oneself for the horrific day. Do these pointers sound like scientist believe the zombie apocalypse will not take action in our near future? Should people start preparing for the day the zombies attack? If scientist’s beliefs become inaccurate and an unexpected zombie apocalypse took place, one would need to obey the following instructions to…show more content…
The resources available in the gated community will contain the principal places to muster food. Fishing, hunting, and farming can keep the group alive and should start immediately. Make sure to not over hunt or fish the available resources, these assets need to provide sustainable life for an extensive amount of time. If people did not bring weapons with them to the gated community then they will need to take a trip to gather what they do not possess. Do not send a big group of people to hunt materials. The more people the more attention. Instead send the highly trained individuals. If they see that there old residence has become overtaken by zombies then they should retreat and move on. While collecting weapons people can also gather clothes, medicine, or anything else that could become helpful in the new community. One trip will not cover the various materials needed therefore, plan to take another trip in the near future. The zombie apocalypse has the possibility to dissect the world of the human population in a heart beat. No one knows for sure if this impending event could transform into a possibility for the near future, but in order to become prepared for the unpredictable zombie apocalypse one must follow efficient steps to stay alive. The steps to survive consist of gathering a group, finding a community, and using available resources. When the time comes and the deathly zombie outbreak begins, the human races preparation and actions will decide who will
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