Zombie Consciousness In The Body

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Zombie bodies are human bodies-- with a catch of course… You see, the normal nervous system activity is deficient and very little motor control is visible. Zombies do not feel pain and they do not seem to suffer from much blood loss or the need for an appetite. As you can tell already, something unusual is occurring neurologically, metabolically, and biologically when the recently deceased become capable of rising from the dead and desire to kill humans by any means necessary. In a more psychological approach, zombies are considered to be imaginary creatures designed to illuminate problems about consciousness and its relation to the physical world. Though zombies are very distinct from us, we’re not so far off from being zombies ourselves.…show more content…
Both “conscious” and “consciousness” are terms that cover a wide range of mental phenomena. Both are used with a great deal of meanings, and the adjective “conscious” can be applied to organisms—creature consciousness—and to particular mental states and processes. Me, you and even your pet or any other organism with a cognitive system may be regarded as conscious in a multitude of ways.
Human consciousness involves widespread, relatively fast low-amplitude interactions in the thalamocortical core of the brain, driven by current tasks and conditions. These features have also been found in other mammals, which suggests that consciousness is a major biological adaptation in mammals.” (Seth et al., 2004)
It is believed that the mechanisms of consciousness are controlled by the cerebral cortex, including perception, memory, intelligence, and control of skilled movements, are carried out. Zombies have drastically low levels of consciousness when compared side-by-side to
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Zombies, however, are unemotional being that they are flesh-eating mammals with no remorse for what they do. The region of the brain responsible for these emotions is the limbic system. The limbic system sits atop the brain stem, which is believed to be one of the first parts of the brain to develop, react to stimuli and the most basic in terms of sustaining life. It’s located on both sides of the thalamus and underneath the cerebrum. The limbic system has some specific system functions such as: controlling emotions like anger and fear, responding to pain and pleasure, and controlling aggressive or violent

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