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The zombie craze has infected everybody. No one is safe! I take it your a zombie action fan and you 've come to satisfy the burning hunger. You 've tracked down the right scent because these zombie tv series will have you wanting seconds, thirds, and so much more! iZombie This TV series will twist your brain, taking a new outlook on the typical zombie. A normal girl, Liv Moore, dreams of a career in the medical field, but be careful what you wish for! She 'll have her hands in some brains, but she 'll be eating it too. Zombified at a party, she must consume brains to keep from going insane.The real insane factor is the fact that she has partnered up with detectives to solve crimes thanks to her ability to collect the memories of the victims through their brain tissue and non other than to eat brains of course! That 's a nice zombie, at least she eating dead people 's brains. You 'll find this spooky plot on the CW channel.…show more content…
The Walking Dead Feed me...more TV shows...just kidding, I 'm still human, but this next TV series might infect you. You can agree that things change a lot when you don 't show up to work for a while or you leave your home town right? So imagine if you took a few months nap only to find that when you woke up everybody around you was zombiefied! Talk about adapting. This is what happened to Rick Grimes in the tv series The Walking Dead on AMC. After he reunites with his family from his months long coma, he forms a resistance to try and survive the brutal change. Fear The

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