Zombie Movie Comparison Essay

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Today, the film industry is growing very rapidly. Every year there are always dozens of new movies are released. Each film has its own genre. The following are examples of genre that is owned by every movie: action, romance, horror, thriller, adventure, etc. One of genre of films are always liked by the audience from the beginning until now is a zombie film (Thriller, horror).
Since old time, there are many producers that choose to zombie genre for their films. There are a lot of movies with the zombie genre got success. Some of them are iZombie and Train to Busan. Although both films have the same genre which in both films there are zombies, but basically both these films have many differences.
The first of them is the main character. In iZombie
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But still there are not humans and they have ridiculousness, one of them is that they never get to sleep. In the Train to Busan, the zombies do not have the attitude like humans, they could not speak and certainly could not socialize. They also can’t see in the dark. They only rely on their ability to hear in the dark. This does not apply to the zombies on iZombie. Unlike zombies on Train to Busan, they could still see in the dark.
The last difference that contained in both film is Train to Busan is a film that has a sad ending where in the end the main character will die in order to save his daughter. Meanwhile, iZombie still unknown how it ends because the actually iZombie is not a film like Train to Busan. iZombie is a TV series that will continue in next season.
The two movies, both iZombie or Train to Busan has a story that is equally attractive. They made a movie about zombies which the producers define the zombies in different ways. Both films are highly favored by the audience especially by those who really like the things that are associated with zombies. The presence of these two films will make their imagination more and more about
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