Zombie Outbreak Persuasive Speech

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Suddenly there’s moaning and snarling coming from outside look and there’s a giant horde of zombies. Survivors need to know what to do? People need to know what zombies are. Zombies’ brain eat monsters that came out of the ground. But some zombies can be created by viruses’ and vu do. In the last of us (video game) the zombie outbreak was from a zombie ant. When the zombie ant bite someone fungal residue on a human’s face and other parts of the body. The virus took 60% of the human’s species. If you don’t want to see people grow mushrooms out of head fallow the steps and rules that will tell how to survive the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!
1st thing to know two escape routes from the house or base make sure a survivor’s need extra supplies like canned food water and weapons. 2nd Have to be fit most of the time survivors will be running and swinging the melee weapons. Do jogs, runs and walks in the days before the outbreak happens. 3rd don’t drive
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The person that got bitten has to tell the group be honest don’t keep it secret. After that tell the group try to chop of where the bite is at have to do it quick or just wait it out in secure place where the other don’t get turned to. If you want to try to help the innocent people been that turned try to study the infection and how to stop it. Frist you need armor when you’re testing on the walkers. Secondly as a survivor need doctor equipment. Third thing to do try to reverse the symptoms, like getting pail, sweaty, being really tired and then reverse the craving for brains. Finally test all formulas that have created. If you succeed great job or you didn’t try again until its get really close or its right.
Those are the steps and rules to survive the zombie apocalypse. This is important because you want to be safe because this will happen. You need to be prepared when the zombies come but when they are rising aim for the head because that’s a zombies’ weak spot to destroy the

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