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This reason is why zombies have become so popular in the past 15 years. The United States has been through tragedies left and right since the great depression in 1929. This section links my idea about the sociological study of zombie culture, to the culture of our country, while also introducing a new sociological idea. The idea that cultural productions, such as zombies, reveal something about the societies that created them, and cultural productions also uncover structural patterns of those societies. There is no coincidence that the first zombie movie was made in 1932 (Aizenberg), right in the middle of the great depression.
Again, zombies reveal something about the societies that created them. The society that originally created “American zombies,” was a society that was in the middle of the great depression. A society that was scared, power-less, and far from abundant. With fear and anxiety from the great depression instilled into early 20th century Americans, this is a society that falls right into the hands of these undead, flesh eating monsters when put in the right position. And to discuss the second part of my idea, as society examines this film and watches it develop, they notice things about themselves that they have never realized before. They began to envision themselves in the world of the living dead. Whether they
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When digging deeper into this phenomenon, sociologists can provide an important viewpoint regarding how zombie culture reflects, challenges, and perpetuates existing inequalities, particularly in respect to race, class, gender, and sexuality. Understanding the impact of social structure on popular culture taught me that cultural objects have much to tell about social life, values, and ideologies. Although it was difficult to unpack this phenomenon, I loved my topic and had an outstanding experience with this research

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