Zombie Representation In Fido '

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Component 4: ‘Comparing Zombies with Zombies’
Zombies Representation in Fido
In Fido, the zombie is represented as a satisfying old school due to the way they carry themselves. They depict themselves to be shambling and have an uncertain walk. Their limbs are slowed by the attack of thoroughness mortise. They are attacked by hunger that can only be fully satisfied by consuming human flesh. These zombies are portrayed to be more docile, and they obey their prey. They are also harmless when they are in the presence of their prey. Once struck, they cry like cats or roar quietly. These zombies in this film fear humans and serve them to their best. They are almost held as captives by humans.
Zombies Representation in 28 Days Later
In 28 days later,
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The film takes place in a community that has been inhabited by people of different races and social classes as well. The population of the white and who belong to the upper class are seen to exploit the population of the zombies that are grey-skinned and almost seem to be black. The zombies in this film are shown as a representation of the minority in the society. These can be attributed to the color of their skin. There have been recent divisions between the whites and blacks in the world. The divide between these groups of people was a representation of the divide that existed in 1950, apartheid and how the minority were poorly treated. During this period of 1950 there were rules of racial segregation in America and they governed a huge part of the social life at that time. The racial segregation took place in various ways just like the segregation is depicted in the film Fido a well. The representation of zombies as gray, almost being black is the first racial discrimination spotted in the film. During the 1950 racial segregation, there was the total division between the white and the black. For instance, black children would not ride on the same bus to school with white children (Funari, Pedro & Charles 2). The zombies in the film have their residence in a different place from those of normal human beings. Despite the fact that these creatures were…show more content…
The conversion of a person into a zombie entailed being bitten by a fellow zombie. After that, a person would exhibit features of a zombie and would be completely different from the normal human being state. Infectious diseases have currently inhibited the world such as malaria, HIV/AIDS, and tuberculosis. In the film, Selena protects herself from being bitten by the zombies. She did not want to contract the virus. The virus had no cure yet, and there was research going on to see if it was possible to get its treatment. Similarly in the current world, humans protect themselves from contracting infectious diseases such as HIV or malaria. They apply all the preventive ways to curb the danger of contracting the diseases. In the film, Selena is seen to kill her fellow survivor Mark, who had been infected with the virus and Selena did not want to be infected. In the current setting, there are over one billion people in the world who are living with HIV/AIDS, and it does not have a cure. Just like in the film, the zombies were learning how to survive during the apocalypse. The existence of ARVs has helped people to live healthily with HIV/AIDS. Just like the way the cure for the disease is being searched in the film, so is the cure for HIV/AIDS. Selena and the other survivors are captured and taken to a place where there were uninfected members of
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