Zombie Stereotypes

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The United States military installations that provide for our homeland security are secretly creating a “zombie” strain capable of mimicking the behaviors of the undead. Government officials will try to justify their means by using words like “National Security” to combat the biochemical agent threat. The viruses will mutate into new strains capable of spreading like a flu. The host will be naïve concerning the ill effects of the strain and only the military will have an experimental serum to treat the infected keeping it at bay. Bioterrorist use strains to gain a strategic or tactical advantage over their enemies. The world will be devastated by this phenomenon where reanimated corpses will eat the living. Nevertheless, military officials will fail to contain…show more content…
These cities will be helpless and largely overrun. This will create a severe disruption of economic and societal infrastructure of society. The strain will first infect the sewer rat fleas then attaching themselves to domestic animals leading to the human hosts. The scientific community that denies the likelihood of a zombie plague would be responsible for spawning its creation. Zombie picture shows have foretold of biochemical agents causing an epidemic. These agents will mutate and spread rapidly from city to city in a matter of days and global in a matter of months. The symptoms will depend on the concentrated areas of infection in each person and will be untreatable. People have their own hypothesis of how a strain is created. An outbreak will usually begin in a local community before becoming a pandemic. The infected areas would be stripped of all provisions in a matter of hours, including food and water. 911 dispatchers will be bombarded with hundreds of emergency calls as thousands will be contaminated within a matter of minutes. All EMS personnel will not be equip to treat the infected having human
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