Essay On Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse

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In man’s eyes, zombies are hostile to human nature and can potentially wreak wreck nations. Though it is not definite, the idea of a widespread of the undead eradicating entire species populates from horror films and novels, promoting danger and enhancing terror to the public. In fear of the scenario, humans gather information in preparation for the apocalyptic era. In hope’s to resolve the situation, many great minds guide readers to salvage through literature, often with irrelevant information one can justify. Ali Kahn’s “Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse”, the schematic “How to Survive Zombies” and the Zombie Research Society’s “Mayans Destroyed by Zombies” enhances one’s lack of capability when surviving a zombie apocalypse by writing…show more content…
The Mayans date back from 250-900 AD and heavily relied on themselves to survive. In order to survive, the Mayans had to gain stamina to complete challenges, which shaped them into wipe people. In these challenges, Mayans would commit or witness barbaric acts, desensitizing their feelings and have no sanity. To put Mayans strength in perspective, bones were found in cities with, “signs of being violently ripped from their sockets and chewed to bits on the spot. Evidence has even been found of children eating their parents” (Zombie Research Society). This differs from present humans, who are gradually becoming more idle and fragile. Due to people being too reliant on the internet and other sources, their overall responsibility has dial down. Through evolution, this dependency turned humans into weak creatures. In order to survive a drastic event, it is imperative to have enough stamina, an element humans lack. Moreover, the Mayans were clearly ready to murder zombies, unlike many humans who are not psychologically ready. Although both Mayans and humans classify as homo sapiens, their strength needed to survive a zombie apocalypse

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