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Zoos? Good or Bad? People have been going on for weeks, months, and years about zoos. Are they good? Are they bad? It has been a very debatable topic for quite a while. No one knows what to believe and what not to believe. They only see the beautiful animals but don’t see how their emotions are doing. Zoos are bad because they only care about how the people are happy with the animals and they don’t show how the animals emotions are affected and how they are not treated well, also that they don’t help the animals that need to be helped.
Zoos have been proved bad by many different people and by other editors, papers, and industries. Certain animals do not do well in zoos and they are actually having to give them antidepressants to make them feel better (Stephanie Pilick/AFP / Getty). It shows that zoos are not treating animals good enough if they’re having to give them antidepressants. They are not given the attention they need, and they are also not given the thrill of being in the wild. By
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But zoos do not teach children anything. They show the animals out of context so the kids, and adults, do not get the full picture. By showing a tiger in a cage to a child, a zoo can teach that child nothing more than the size of a tiger, the color of a tiger and the shape of a tiger. A zoo shows the animal completely out of context, outside of its natural habitat and the ecosystem it was designed to inhabit. It shows that zoos do not help animals and does not help scientist and other people who try to help animals by learning about them are not actually learning anything. They learning about the animal out of context and not how they would act in the wild. There isn’t much help we can give to animals, but if we were going to stop bad people from hunting those animals or from poaching then we would be able to greatly help those animals more than what learning them out of context would do for

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