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Zoological Park, commonly known as zoo is facility in which animals are confined within enclosures, displayed to the public, and in which they may also be bred. The first known zoo which is the Vienna Zoo in Austria is founded in 1765. Modern zoo holds almost 1000 different species of animals of both land and marine. Today, zoo is one of the top picks for a school trip and family trip. With that all said, many people argue that a zoo should be abolish, and in this essay, I will discuss about why people agree and disagree to this statement.
Zoos are important in different ways, as they are linked to the conservation of endangered species. Some animals cannot live independently in a while as they are exposed to danger such as deforestation and some are being hunt for their body parts. This leads to extinction of its species. For an example, pandas are facing extinction as food that’s found in the while
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Zoos which are unorganized and not funded properly are facing food shortage. Adding on, some zoos are not clean properly. This is the main reason for the increase of the chances of sickness being caught on to the animal. Animal that is involved in shows and performances are often being abuse in trainings. One of the most common ways of abusing it is starving and beating them up. For example, monkeys who are in training are starved to a point where they have no choice but to act for the reward, which is food. In conclude, there is both advantages and disadvantages of having a zoo. On one hand they help in the conservation of animals nearing extinction, on the other animals are being mistreated and encourages the idea of human superiority. In my opinion, zoo should not be abolished as they are conserving endangered species and provide the general public with a valuable educational experience but under a strict law which protects the animal from

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