Zoology And Religion In Life Of Pi

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“”I know zoos are no longer in people god graces . Religion faces the same problem. Certain illusions about freedom plague them both” trough this quote the reader can notice that there are parallels drawn between zoology and religion in Life of Pi. In the beginning of the novel we are introduced to zoology and religion when the author make it quite clear to the reader that Pi had majors in University in both subjects zoology and religion and later on in the novel help him to do things one can say is impossible and hard to understand.
Zoology can be described as the scientific study of animals which has always been a very big factor throughout Pi’s childhood as he grew up with a father who ran a zoo in India. Pi was awarded for being the best student in zoology and because of his excellence and the knowledge he had about Zoology he was able to help his father in the zoo. Pi’s father realized that he Pi was interesting in knowing a very dangerous wild animal Richard Parker in their care that might put Pi’s life in danger.
Richard Parker, the tiger’s name changed from being “Thirsty” to Richard Parker just like Pi’s name changed from Piscine to Pi. These changes of their name illustrates the duality theme linked with the two characters in this novel. Richard Parkers real name is also useful in the novel in the context of Pi’s thirstiness he experience on the lifeboat.
In Chapter 8 page 33-34 Yan Martel explain in very fine detail how Pi’s father illustrated what a real

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