Zoos And Aquariums Argumentative Essay

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Argumentative Paper Zoos and aquariums have been around since the times of the Romans and the Egyptians. Although the zoos and aquariums have adapted since those times, they still have the same concept behind them. Although zoos and aquariums have been around for ages, over the decades, controversy about these two places have grown. Although most people don’t think anything of it, there is a huge debate as to whether zoos and aquariums are acceptable or not. This topic can be very touchy to some people and can sometimes cause disputes. People such as animal activists go against zoos and aquariums and try to show the problems with zoos and aquariums. Some of the issues they bring up about these places is that it is inhumane to keep these animals…show more content…
It is known as one of the biggest red targets for animal activists and people that believe it is animals cruelty. Part of this criticism comes from the documentary “Blackfish”, which basically made revenue drop dramatically. According to an article by Binder, “The film is not fully accurate, and it portrays events that happened 30 years ago as contemporary. “The unfortunate thing is that people are taking that film at face value.” Most people now a days believe anything they see on TV. They take things and just believe it without knowing the truth or doing any research to support the claim. Today in the United States there are approximately three different Sea Worlds located in San Diego, San Francisco, Orlando, and San Antonio. Over the past years, Sea World has begun to lose a lot of revenue and money because of drastic drops in people attending Sea World. According to Michael Calia in his article “Sea World hit by Bad Press; Stock Off 33%” this drop is mainly because of the recent media debate about the treatment of the captive Orcas in Sea World. Publicists and media stated that the treatment of these animals was very bad and they deserved to be set free into the

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