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Did you know that less than ten percent of all of the 10,000 zoos worldwide are accredited with the right resources to house animals? According to Robert Laidlaw in his article “Zoos: Myth and Reality” (written ten years ago) less than 10 percent of all zoos worldwide are accredited with the right resources to have animals in captivity. Even though wild orcas have never killed anyone in the wild there are still moved into captivity, where less than ten percent of zoos worldwide are accredited with the resources to house animals. In the article “Zoos: Myth and Reality” Laidlaw explains that zoos have become, “the target of intense public scrutiny and criticism.” The reason for this is that people are starting to finally notice the amount of unhealthy affects that zoos have on these animals. I remember when I went to the local zoo in my area and remember seeing a dozen flamingos crammed in a small cage with nowhere to roam free with stagnant water that the flamingos would sit in. I think this is very cruel towards the animals because in the wild they have room to…show more content…
If you have ever been to a zoos you would that the animals are happy right? But being in closed cages all of their lives doesn’t sound fun at all right? I personally think that this would not be fun at all for the animals because this takes away there natural instincts of hunting and other abilities. Viviana Peretti an Italian photographer photographed for three months at the Bronx Zoo in New York. She stated that it was a shame to, “transport exotic animals to New York and imprison them for the entertainment of a public that is so often looking for a trophy photo.” I think this statement accurately describes the reason why we put animals in cages. In conclusion, I think we all need to evaluate the real reason zoos are putting animals in
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