Zoos: Necessary Or Inhumane?

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Most families enjoy going to the zoo to see their favorite animals, however they are not aware of the consequence their support provides, along with the mistreatment that takes place in these facilities. Though zoos may seem to help animals, by providing them with food and shelter, they are in fact very inhumane. Animals living in zoos are treated inhumanely. They Elephants have been observed being shocked with electric goads and jabbed with hooks to get them to perform tricks. They are forced to lift their feet and head for the enjoyment of humans. If people knew what elephants had to experience for their enjoyment they would not want to watch. In addition, zoos are also inhumane because they enclose the animals in habitats too small for their well-being. If there isn’t enough room in the zoo, some will even kill the animals. In other cases, they are bred simply to attract visitors, which puts a strain on space, resources and endangers the older, less popular animals.…show more content…
By doing this, the real danger is humans, not predators.
Zoos are inhumane because animals are held against their will in an unnatural environment, experience pain and made to do “tricks” all to entertain humans. The general population needs to be made aware of the injustice and stop supporting zoos so animals can be left alone and live the life they were intended to
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