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The question of the necessity of zoos is extremely controversial nowadays. There are many people who advocate for replacing them with sanctuaries as they believe money spent on keeping wild animals captive might have been used for conserving them in wild. Others are concerned that zoos serve not only for people's pleasure but for preserving and keeping populations that otherwise would go extinct. There are sufficient arguments for both points of view, expressed in various articles that are dedicated to the significant topic. “Do elephants belong in zoos?” by Jeffrey P. Cohn and “Eight reasons why zoos are good for conservation” by James Borrell are the examples of such articles. The opinions expressed there are mostly similar for they state…show more content…
As stated in “Do elephants belong in zoos?”, zoos not only fund research on wild animals but also contribute to reducing the conflicts between them and people, for example, by planting crops that frighten elephants away and exploring the cases of poaching that could affect their mortality (Cohn 717). Moreover, most of the scientific matter on elephants such as facts about their communications, reproductive physiology and behavior were originally gathered on the ground of captive animals (Cohn 717). In his article, Borrell expresses the same opinion. He states that zoos serve as “a living museum” that help scientists to find necessary information on species for the research, and these facts can be used to prevent the extinction of the animals living in the wild (Borrell 9). Besides, zoos are crucial for raising money for conservation programs by giving people firsthand wildlife experience that increases interest in wild animals (Borrell 9). Moreover, zoos always respond to emergencies, such as deadly threats to one or another species, by providing specialists and establishing breeding and treatment programs (Borrell 9). Thereby, both articles express the opinion that zoos are important for conservation purposes as they provide a wide range of specialists and research data. More significantly, they react on emergencies and do their best to protect endangered…show more content…
Cohn writes that the medical care for elephants increased significantly that led to the reduction of animal diseases and deaths (716). The elephant enclosures are expanded in order to house more elephants that can form a natural group they typically form in the wild (Cohn 716). Most zoos walk their elephants to ensure they move enough as it is important for their health, moreover, zoo staff encourages natural behavior and, by doing that, surpasses their duties (Cohn 716). Borrell also states that most of the zoos are getting better by constantly changing and improving their programs and housing conditions (9). What is more, they serve as a reminder of success in animal conservation and encourage people to continue working on it (Borrell 9). To sum up, both articles provide evidence that zoos are improving over the years to serve their purpose more effectively. Constant development helps them to save more animals and at the same time show the results to the public which is crucial for inspiring people's participation in conservation programs. So, the two articles on the necessity of zoos are mostly similar as they express the same ideas. Both Cohn and Borrell provide arguments for the significance of zoos which contribute to animal conservation by conducting research, protecting endangered species, encouraging people to participate in conservation programs and forming their connection with the natural

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