Argumentative Essay: Should Zoos Be Banned?

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Imagine you are taken from your home, mother, and environment to a small cage where everybody is looking at you, taking pictures, and having fun. Your owners sell you to a bad zoo where all animals only get food sometimes and the bare cages are cold because you’re getting too expensive to feed and even take care of. This is why I take the position that zoos should be banned because they can cause Animal cruelty, Too expensive, and finding new homes. Say no to zoos!
One reason why Zoos should be banned is It can cause animal cruelty. For example, in the article Choice time “Zoo animals can't go where they please or eat when they please” This shows that the zookeeper is in charge of that animal and depends whether or not they deserved it on that day. Another example is Animals
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For example in kids stand up to zoos in captivity states animals are getting too expensive to feed so the zookeeper's just wait for somebody to notice and sell them to another zoo. This shows that having too much animals can harm the animals and make them starve to death and even the whole zoo. Some even sell them to another zoo even if there is family or friends. Now you might say this is a good thing selling them to have a better home, but is it really a better home or is it a bad zoo who needs animals to get visitors. I say any zoo is bad for animals. Another example in this article Kids Stand Up for Animals in Captivity from PETA Kids is when the enclosures or cages get too expensive ,so they take some of the toys away,branches, and food. In a couple months they have nothing but concrete and bars while people stare at them. This shows that maybe it makes the animals sad or get so stressed out they sometimes hit the bars,glass, and even the concrete. Lastly they get taken away from their cages and zoo friends into a new zoo. It like moving to a new house, but without saying goodbye. This brings me to the next

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