Zoos Should Not Be Illegal Essay

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Zoo causes animals despair? Zoos Being Illegal? That Is Not Right Imagine going to the zoo. Getting to see all sorts of interesting animals. But has anyone wondered if the zoo is helping animals or is it the opposite? People had hated zoos for animal captivity and complained that zoos should be illegal. Why is that? Other’s imagine animals in a tight cage as they are treated poorly but that is not the case. Zoos had existed for a while and they have been helping animals ever since. Zoos should not be illegal because it keeps all animals safe and well fed, is very educational for kids, and prevents animals from extinction.

People who have opposed zoos think that it is cruel towards animals. But It can save animals and they are taken cared of very well. Animals being well fed is an example. Chester Zoo which is
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The reason why zoos should not be illegal since others think animals are not treated well but this is not true. The animals are very well fed and zoos make sure of it as they have listed everything out which includes, the quantity, the nutrition facts, and the diet of the animals. It is very accurate since is made by a nutrition team so the animals are fed well at a daily basis. The second reason was how educational it is to kids. They do many activities like a scavenger hunt or a zoo school. They learn alot about the animals. Lastly, the main and important reason is that zoos stop animals from going extinct. They do this by giving animals a open area to breed which saved many animal species. So think about it whether animals are being treated poorly or not. Think about what will happen if the zoo was actually illegal. Some animals can not be released to the wild. Think about where the animals would go? Something must be done to make sure zoos will stay legal And the safety of the

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