Zoot Suit Analysis

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In Zoot Suit by Luis Valdez, the role of the actor, Demian Bichir, who plays El Pachuco was played really well and really embodied the character of El Pachuco. El Pachuco is Henry Reyna’s alter ego and symbolizes pride and what it means to be “cool” for Latino teenagers back in the day. The zoot suit that El Pachuco wears really assisted Mr. Bichir in embodying the El Pachuco because the zoot suit was a symbol of the culture. Mr. Bichir does an excellent job of creating his character and developing it as the play progresses. The El Pachuco is molded into a character of defiance and resistance. It also helped that he was Latino and had the ability to accentuate his accent to the audience that I noticed most of the actors had. Mr. Bichir is the engine for the play because he tells the story right from the very beginning when he quotes “Ladies and gentlemen the play that you are about to see is a construct of fact and fantasy”. Mr. Bichir causes all the conflict in the play, which I found interesting and came to the immediate conclusion during the play that he was the antagonist, and that Henry Renya was the protagonist of the play. The biggest thing that Mr. Bichir did was probably having the ability to stop the play and influence the decisions of Henry Renya who is the…show more content…
The only person that could see El Pachuco was Henry Renya and he is constantly having conversations with the El Pachuco on what he should do. Henry Renya seems to struggle with his inner self and what is right and what is wrong and always consoles the advice of El Pachuco. Mr. Bichir plays the role really well because he questions everything that Henry is doing and seems to enjoy doing so. Without, the El Pachuco, Zoot Suit cannot exist because he creates all the tension in the play and helps really navigate the play in the right
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